Frequently Asked Quetions:-

1. Why do we need a custom built software?

Software made for general purpose have a lot of unnecessary features / functions (why should we pay for the features what we do not need? ) that take a lot of storage space and which make us confused or there is no Software in the market that meet your specific requirements.

2. Why you?

We are a group of Software Developers focusing towards building High Quality Software - which will require less manual work. We first understand the exact requirements of our client then build the software. In our group we have tax experts, accounting experts in addition to IT experts who have a lot of practical experience to provide you the ultimate smart software.

3. What is File-Sharing Architechture?

In a file sharing architecture the program which reads table records from a network drive first gets a copy of the table in the local machine then performs necessary updates, the database engine uses lock file to prevent other user from making changes. So true multiuser programs cannot be successful using this architecture.

4. What is Client-Server Architechture?

In a client-server architecture, the network database server processes all requests for data on the server itself, so the server can smartly manage multiple requests from client machines. The entire database table is not get copied to the client machine only the result set of the query is returned so the network traffic is reduced , also resulting faster programs.

5. What is MVCC?

In MVCC a database will implement updates not by deleting an old piece of data and overwriting it with a new one, but instead by marking the old data as obsolete and adding the newer "version." Thus there are multiple versions stored, but only one is the latest. This allows the database to avoid overhead of filling in holes in memory or disk structures but requires (generally) the system to periodically sweep through and delete the old, obsolete data objects.

6. Is your software uses File-sharing, client-server and MVCC?

Depending on the size of our client company, number of users and nature of transactions we use the above mentioned technologies.

7. Can we get a trial run of your software products?

We have a few general purpose software, to get trial version of those please write us to

8. In which platform your software run?

Linux, Windows and Mobile Platform depending on the type of the software.

9. What is Linux?

Linux is a high secured, highly customizable computer operating system which is based on free and open source software. There are many Linux distributions available from various organizations. Now a days Linux can be found anywhere - from a personal computer of your neighbor to big organization and even in mobiles phones.

10. What are the advantages of using Linux?

  • Security:- Linux is a very high secured operating system.
  • Stability & Reliability:- No other popular operating system is more stable and reliable than Linux. If you're tired of crashes and hangs and the lost time and data they entail, you're a candidate for Linux.
  • Softwares:- Linux distribution contains large number of programs from word processors to photo-animation-video-sound editing every thing.
  • Cost:- Most Linux distributions are available for free, if you get yourself familiar with it you do not need to bother about paying a penny.
  • Support:- There are various on line communities available for your help.
  • And many more.

11. Will our hardware support complete switch over to Linux?

Linux kernel is being updated all the time, there is hardly any hardware that does not run on Linux OS. If there is any hardware that does not run on Linux, the Linux kernel source can be downloaded and modified to run the hardware.

12. Do you provide help to switch over to Linux?

Yes, we provide A-Z support to switch over to Linux, from software setup to hardware setup we provide support for everything.