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AD Account Pro

AD Account Pro

The ultimate ERP program

A complete software package for large organisations, accounting, production management, inventory, payroll .. everything. Modules are customizable while ordering.

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Website Development

AD Account Pro

++ Hosting & Email Setup

Website development using latest Technologies

Whatever you do, run a small business, run a large organisation or a professional consultancy firm, you can take your business / profession to a large number of clients if you promote your business through your website.

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System Setup : Linux

AD Account Pro

Switch over to Linux

Not only to save cost but to achieve high secured, reliable platform

We provide not only the hardware support to switch over to Linux but training and migration help is also provided for each and every software that you are already using other than Linux / OSS. See our FAQ section to know more about why you should switch over to Linux.

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Software Solutions for Linux, Windows & Smart Phone Platform

We are a group of Software Developers focusing towards building High Quality Software - which will require less manual work. We are specialised in creating various softwares e.g.,

  • Full ERP for large Companies
  • WEB frontend Applications
  • Company Inventory Module
  • Company Tax / Duty / Payroll Module
  • Excise / Sales Tax / TDS / Income Tax Return Software
  • Restaurant cum Lodge Software
  • Multilingual Word Processor
  • Feature Rich Presentation
  • Software GUI Builder
  • Light Graphics & Image Manipulation
  • Software for Mobile Phones (Android / J2ME)
  • Software for Managing Gas Consumer Records

Linux Windows Android

Know what you need

We often use some General Purpose Software (e.g., a Accounting Software,a Word Processor,etc.) which have a lot of unnecessary features / functions that take a lot of storage space and which make us confused or there is no Software in the market that meet your specific requirements. So we make softwares as per exact need of your Business or Home. A new concept, WYNIWYG : What You Need Is What You Get.

A primary cause of complex and hi priced software is that most software vendors uncritically adopt almost any feature that users might want.

We help reducing the use of Pirated Software

Software Piracy is a crime. After following various reviews published in magazines,news papers,etc., we get to know about best Software which may be very costly. We can't afford(or why should we afford
) those Software. So you don't need to use those Software,we provide Software as per your exact need at cheapest rates and that will be your own Software - no need to think about software piracy.

Know what you need

Solutions for Everyone

Whether you have a small business / store or you belong to a large organisation, we have a software solution for you. From a single user software to multi-user client-server software, accessible from anywhere in the world, even from your mobile devices.

We also provide support to setup your business network, support to switch over to open source software, you need not to pay for those open software.

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